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enrolled patients were assigned definitive diagnoses after >12 months follow-up (median 28 months), of whom 162 (42%) developed a persistent inflammatory arthritis. A risk metric derived from 12 baseline clinical and serological parameters alone had an excellent discriminatory utility with respect to an outome of PIA (area under ROC curve 0.91; 95% CI 0.88-0.94). The discriminatory utility of a similar metric, which incorporated MSUS parameters, was not significantly superior (area under ROC curve 0.91; 95% CI 0.89-0.94). Neither did this approach identify an added value of MSUS over the use of routine clinical parameters in an algorithm for discriminating PIA patients whose outcome diagnosis was RA. Conclusions

Treatment with Cimzia should not be initiated in patients with an active infection, including clinically important localized infections. Cimzia should be discontinued if a patient develops a serious infection or sepsis. Patients greater than 65 years of age, patients with co-morbid conditions, and/or patients taking concomitant immunosuppressants (e.g. corticosteroids or methotrexate) may be at a greater risk of infection. Patients who develop a new infection during treatment with CIMZIA® should be closely monitored, undergo a prompt and complete diagnostic workup appropriate for immunocompromised patients, and appropriate antimicrobial therapy should be initiated.Arthritis


Glucosamine and chondroitin are substances that occur naturally in cartilage. Several studies have shown the benefit of oral glucosamine in osteoarthritis. In a systematic review, glucosamine was found to work as well or better than NSAIDS. (Although other studies have found it less effective.) Often glucosamine is used in combination with chondroitin, although studies are not clear as to whether there is added symptomatic improvement by adding chondroitin, there is suggestion that it may retard progression of the disease. These may be disease modifying agents, rather than just pain suppressing. A minimum of a 6-week trial should be completed before symptomatic assessment is made.

The Walk With Ease program was developed by the Arthritis Foundation, and is proven to reduce pain, increase balance, strength and walking pace. While the Walk With Ease program was developed to help people with arthritis pain, all individuals who are looking for a way to improve their health by being more physically active can benefit from this free program and are encouraged to participate.

Flaxseed Oil is full of omega-3 fatty acids which help control compounds called cytokines which cause inflammation. Try 1 tablespoon for every 100 pounds you weigh. It is available in capsules and as oil that can be poured onto vegetables and salads, or seeds that can be sprinkled on salads or yogurt. The oil breaks down with heat and it’s not suited for cooking and needs to be stored in your refrigerator. Alpha-linolenic acid in flaxseeds can be converted to EPA and DHA in the body, but the conversion can be inefficient in some people, especially in older people who may want to try fish oil instead.

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