Broccoli Could Help Prevent Arthritis

by Josh

Broccoli Could Help Prevent Arthritis

Since heat and/or cold is not recommended to alleviate symptoms associated with all types of arthritis, the decision whether to use it or not should be discussed with your doctor or physical therapist. If appropriate for use on your arthritis pain, it must be determined which kind of temperature treatment should be used. Moist heat, such as a warm bath or shower, or dry heat, such as a heating pad, placed on affected joint for about 15 minutes may relieve the pain. An ice pack wrapped in a towel and placed on the sore area for about 15 minutes may help to reduce swelling and stop the pain.

Once you have modified your pet’s environment, you can modify her lifestyle as well. A little exercise can go a long way toward making your pet more comfortable. Light activity helps strengthen muscles, keeps ligaments and tendons flexible, prevents obesity and helps blood circulate to stiff joints. Many arthritic animals move more easily and with less pain after they "warm up" with a minute or two of walking or gentle playing. Your pet may be reluctant to move at first—it can be hard to convince animals to get up when their joints are aching.Arthritis


Although there has been a lack of systematic research (in western countries), a case study published in The Lancet found that daily doses of 6 to 9 mg per day were sufficient to cause arthritis in an avid tea-drinker (Cook 1971). The subject of the study , an English woman with a 25-year history of debilitating arthritis, experienced complete relief in her symptoms within 6 months of stopping her tea consumption. In light of the woman’s recovery, the author concluded that “some cases of pain diagnosed as rheumatism or arthritis may be due to subclinical fluorosis which is not radiologically demonstrable.”

When a joint becomes infected with bacteria, it causes pain. This pain makes the child walk with a limp or refuse to bear weight on that limb or decreased movement if in an upper extremity. Since this is a bacterial infection, the child also will typically have a fever. Notify your pediatrician immediately if these signs or symptoms appear. If an infection involves the hip, it can be a serious condition and needs to be properly diagnosed and treated by a specialist (usually an orthopedist). Treatment can include a needle aspiration of the hip joint, surgical drainage, and intravenous (IV) use of antibiotics. Lyme Disease

Glucosamine and chondroitin are substances that occur naturally in cartilage. Several studies have shown the benefit of oral glucosamine in osteoarthritis. In a systematic review, glucosamine was found to work as well or better than NSAIDS. (Although other studies have found it less effective.) Often glucosamine is used in combination with chondroitin, although studies are not clear as to whether there is added symptomatic improvement by adding chondroitin, there is suggestion that it may retard progression of the disease. These may be disease modifying agents, rather than just pain suppressing. A minimum of a 6-week trial should be completed before symptomatic assessment is made.

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