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Arthritis Information, News And Resources

If you aresuffering from chronic pain, it is likely your sleep, mobility, and general wayof life may be affected. Pain that is at moderate to high levels for longperiods of time can become tiring and can cause low mood. Treating the pain isonly part of the story. Pain managementwill help, but many people find a two-way attack is needed, such as treatingboth the pain and the depression at the same time. For some, depression canmean not wanting to leave the house. Forothers, it could mean not wanting to exercise to improve the ability to movearound. Not exercising can make pain andperception of pain much worse in the long run.

The first signs I noticed of Duchess suffering from arthritis was that she had a stiffness to her walk and she hunched her back. The symptoms happened gradually and were not alarming to me at first. I then started to notice that my sweet cat was more grouchy than normal and had lost her playfulness. She was still sweet to an extent, but if I tried to stroke her back she would erupt into a mean cat, hissing and swatting at me. This behavior alarmed me and I realize she was in a lot of pain.Arthritis


Different forms of arthritis affect the body in different ways; many have distinct systemic effects that are not common to other forms. Early diagnosis is important to effective treatment of any form. Destruction of cartilage is not reversible, and if the inflammation of arthritic disease isn't treated, both cartilage and bone can be damaged, which makes the joints increasingly difficult to move. Most forms of arthritis cannot be cured but can be controlled or brought into remission; perhaps only five percent of the most serious cases, usually of rheumatoid arthritis, result in such severe disability that walking aids or wheelchairs are required.

Although there has been a lack of systematic research (in western countries), a case study published in The Lancet found that daily doses of 6 to 9 mg per day were sufficient to cause arthritis in an avid tea-drinker (Cook 1971). The subject of the study , an English woman with a 25-year history of debilitating arthritis, experienced complete relief in her symptoms within 6 months of stopping her tea consumption. In light of the woman’s recovery, the author concluded that “some cases of pain diagnosed as rheumatism or arthritis may be due to subclinical fluorosis which is not radiologically demonstrable.”

This web site is devoted to providing information about arthritis and related diseases, conditions, and treatments. It is designed to make it easy for you to navigate your way to greater knowledge of arthritis and how it affects the myriad of people who suffer from this disease. The Arthritis Trust of America is dedicated to helping the public. But we also need help from the public. Much of the relief we provide directly to all is the result of the generosity of the public. Please help in our goal to make arthritis a thing of the past. Can Rheumatoid Arthritis Be Cured?

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